The Best Performing WordPress Plugins

Creating an online income is something that many people covet. Your focus should be on doing something you love to do. It is more natural to pursue income in this manner. Making money with blogging is ideal for most people. To earn money with your blog, you need to make it professional looking, especially if you want to earn an income online. You are responsible for creating content. That is what you need to be doing. Blog functionality is something else that you need to think about. There are many plug-ins that you can use with WordPress. They can help you in many different ways. The following paragraphs will describe some of them.

Personal bloggers, and professional bloggers alike, need to beware of the threats that await them on the net. If you look at the evidence, hackers are breaking into blogs on a daily basis just to do it. You can monitor blogs every minute of an hour. You can protect yourself using the Security Ninja plugin. To protect your blog from online hackers, Security Ninja will monitor your blog for you. Your blog will be safe from hackers once this is installed. All bloggers should have this premium plug-in. All bloggers have to tackle spam comments, even it WordPress is the platform of choice. This is one of the major reasons that WordPress should be your choice for a blogging platform. All WordPress blogs already have the Akismet plugin installed. Make sure that it never gets turned off and that the settings are always the recommended ones. Akismet does a wonderful job of spotting spam comments. But, if you have not setup the right settings, you will see that it is also eliminating some of your legit comments as well. So take some time to configure the plugin before you turn it on. Akismet is one of the best spam catchers in existence.

Being able to play with and change up your themes and templates is one of the things that makes blogging fun. Of course, if you aren’t careful, you could really confuse your readers. Playing around with templates is fun and all but you need to have the WordPress Plugin Theme Tester installed. You can test your themes in private without your readers seeing the changes. Only people who had admin privileges or a password will be allowed to see these changes.

You have thousands of WordPress Plugins available that can be very helpful for improving and customizing your blog. Plugins aren’t going to help you with content for new posts, but they definitely make blogging easier for you. They can increase blog efficiency. There are just so many WordPress Plugins available to choose from. Look around and grab some plugins that really help you improve your blogging activities.