If your blog isn’t receiving targeted visitors then it really doesn’t matter how well you write or what your blog is even about. You should be working hard to generate new traffic for your blog on a daily basis so that it can grow smoothly over time. The best way to do this is by leveraging the search engine traffic. That’s right; there are millions of people using search engines like Google to dig up information every single day, so why not use them to bring in more visitors? It’s a known fact that search engines love blogs, so why not use this for your own advantage? All you need to do is apply some solid SEO strategies to your blog posts. It’s about getting massive traffic over a period of time by taking lots of baby steps. Given below are a few tips that will help you out in apply SEO to your posts.

You need to do some promotion for your blog posts because in order to get the search engines to rank your post, they take many factors into consideration. You must promote your blog posts because in order to get the search engines to rank your post, their are so many factors that go into ranking anything. You must advertise your blog posts because in order to get the search engines to rank your site, they take certain things into consideration first. You must market your blog posts because in order to get the search engines to see and rank them, they look at particular factors first. You must advertise your blog posts because for the search engines to notice and rank them, they need to take other things into account first. So make the move and broadcast your blog post to social bookmarking websites like Delicious, Digg and Tehnorati. This will bring you backlinks and at the same time get direct exposure to your blog posts. When it comes to increasing your site’s rank, those backlinks are invaluable!

You can find the services of a company like socialmarker because they will bookmark your link on plenty of sites all at once. You should try and obtain as many external, targeted links that are relevant to your posts as possible. One way is by commenting on other people’s blogs and including a link to your post so that search engines are aware of what keywords they should be using to rank your posts for. If you do it correctly, your post will gain more exposure and a higher ranking, even if it doesn’t happen overnight. You need to avoid spamming though, so don’t just drop your link anywhere and everywhere. Intelligently comment on other related blogs so that you can drive in traffic directly from them as well.

Last, if you want your blog posts to get indexed and ranked, you must keep updating your blog. Search engines love fresh high-quality content, which means if you can give them that, they won’t have any problem in ranking you high. Even if your blog is in reference to a very specific topic, you have to still be ready to crank out fresh content on a regular schedule. Yes, it does take hard work but eventually what really matters is the continuous flow of traffic. Eventually you’ll have a huge store of information in regards to your blog, it will do nothing but make you rank higher and attract more traffic! It may seem like a slow process but by the time a year has passed you could have well over 100 high quality posts out.

In summary, the above article clearly explains how easy it is to create blog posts that are highly optimized for the search engines. SEO is mainly a matter of learning some basic techniques and applying them over and over. If you are steady and persistent, you’ll soon see your blog moving up in the search engines and more traffic pouring in.